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99% Complete Save at End of Game
Game Code: RZDE - USA / Canada Author: phantomzer0
Downloads: 14736 Views: 13817
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 7.17778   with 45 votes

(77.25 KB)
All Heart Containers, All Golden Bugs, All Upgrades [Biggest Bomb Bag, Biggest Quiver, Largest Wallet], Max Rupees. Only 35 of 60 Poe's, All Hidden Techniques Found and Mastered. Save file also includes the original Ordon Shield.

50lvl Gauntlet left untouched for your pleasure. Mystic Armor has been purchased.

NOTE: Saved 1% of completion for the remaining poe's. There is no reward for attaining all 60.

Start at Hyrule Castle. You can leave the castle and play around or you can climb to the top and fight the final battle. The Dungeon has been cleared and is ready for the climb.

To get to the Cave of Ordeals [50lvl Gauntlet] you need to take the warp point to Gerudo Valley. The Cave is nearby.

Link and Epona are the default names and the names that have been used in this save file.


phantomzer0 - 26-November-2006 4:15 pm
Edits: File Path: \private\wii\title\RZDE\data.bin

TeenGohan - 1-December-2006 11:40 pm
How in the world did you beat 99% of the game in like 2 week man i bet you played so long any one download this?

Guest User - 2-December-2006 10:48 am
I really didn't play that much. I started Sunday when wii came out, and finished the next Sunday. It wouldn't have even been that long if I didn't have to wait for my friend who wanted to play at the same time. I prolly could have had it done by Thursday or Friday :)

phantomzer0 - 2-December-2006 10:49 am
forgot to log in, that last comment was me :)

Guest User - 3-December-2006 2:06 am
You get 200 rupees for getting all the poes. But then if you talk to the cat she will automatically fill your wallet up... infinite rupees - that's SOMETHING wouldn't you say? Thanks for the save, you got everything I didn't have, bugs, heart pieces ect. But now I'll have to find ALL of those poes again!!! No problem... thanks again for the save. I may just do some advertising for this awesome site!!!

Guest User - 9-December-2006 5:06 am
Can we make US Saves work on Pal Wii ?

Guest User - 10-December-2006 11:32 am
What did you name Link and Epona?

phantomzer0 - 11-December-2006 1:15 pm
Link and Epona are name Link and Epona, I'll change it, thanks!

Guest User - 20-December-2006 6:23 pm
I think you should also put up there that you have the Ordon shield still, so people know you didn't burn it up like a lot of people. (I'm also the guy who asked the question about the character names)

pdizzle2709 - 28-January-2007 4:33 pm

Gogy - 15-May-2007 7:02 pm
Well my gamesave is 100% if you want me to put it write or say it to me i am not lying i finish it i am giving it to my friend 2

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