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Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Faron Woods
Game Code: E - USA / Canada Author: Raven2911b
Downloads: 118 Views: 1469
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03 - This is the start of the Faron Woods adventure.

When my Yougest kid had erased all the game files from the Wii (yes, all of them), I began the search for other save files to "hopefully" pick up where I left off. However, just about all of the ones I found where for "100%", "All Items", "Hero Mode", etc etc. I thought to myself "where is the fun in that? Playing someine elses finished game?"

What I have done is make a save file for each signifigant event. The File name will state what event is about to happen, not what has already taken place. For example, 01_LoftwingRace_data.bin is for the BEGINING of the Loftwing Race. There are no extra items, no cheat codes, nothing that doesn't belong to the normal flow of the game up to that particular save file. I will be uploading all the saves as I complete each one. If you find these files helpful, leave a comment.

PS... Just a note, the slot 1 file is the save game I am talking about. The slot 3 is a save game that I had downloaded and forgot to erase. Not sure what is in the slot 3, never played it.


Lity007 - 28-January-2012 11:21 pm
Thanks for posting the save. I am actually stuck at the light tower part where I have to play the harp. The harp simply won't work correctly no matter what I do. So make sure you upload a save right after the light tower part about 15 to 20 hours in. I will be waiting. THANKS!!!!!!

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