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Best Save!!
Game Code: R3RE - USA / Canada Author: sonictopfan
Downloads: 5607 Views: 5850
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: n/a   with 0 votes
(1.19 MB)
-Everything completed.
-All characters unlocked.
-All tracks unlocked.
-All BGM unlocked.
-All GP modes beaten.
-All challenges done "except Wi-Fi ones"


SonicFreeColors1234 - 26-June-2011 9:35 pm
do you think you can upload a COPYABLE SAVE to wiisave.com ? If not, how can I copy this to my Wii without Piiloader/Preloader, Starfall and other stuff like that? I can only do SaveGame Installer from the Homebrew Browser.

sonictopfan - 11-July-2011 8:05 am
@SonicFreeColors1234 sorry for late reply I just noticed your comment now, if you still need a save manager copy I can make one for you!

SonicFreeColors1234 - 20-November-2011 3:11 pm
@sonictopfan thank you! by the way, where is it? is it on this page(the save file page for Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing), like in the ZIP folder? or did you PM it to me or whatever?

Swampert_pwns - 31-December-2011 4:41 pm
Can I have a save game manager gx copy of the save because when I try to install it says its currupted

asdzxc123 - 16-July-2012 8:22 pm
Is there a copyable save file? Ive tried this one and it will not copy.

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