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RE4E - Resident Evil (GC port) 100 %
Game Code: RE4E - USA / Canada Author: Damntoohard
Downloads: 8024 Views: 10068
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 7.4   with 5 votes
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Resident Evil- GC Port 100 %

This is Platinum 007's excellent save file, but with the final additions:

Both characters costumes complete, ie; 3 costumes per character to choose from.(as opposed to just 2 costumes) I simply needed to play through each chracter one more time.

Game save still has:
All unlockables, simply load up the only save and you get "Once Again" "Real Survival" "Invisible Enemy" "One Tough Zombie" modes, the Samurai Edge, Inf. Rocket Launcher and the Costume Key to change into all costumes (game finished with both characters twice).

Have fun and big thanks to Plat's 007 for all the hard work!


platinum007 - 14-September-2009 9:33 pm
lol, I never bothered to check the costumes, oops. Great job.

Damntoohard - 15-September-2009 10:20 am
Thanks brother, you did all the work. I just got to have fun! thank you!

scorpionking0000 - 22-December-2010 6:03 pm

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