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Jap - All songs, characters, & costumes unlocked
Game Code: RHHJ - Japanese Author: xSHiNOx
Downloads: 6843 Views: 6099
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 5   with 1 votes

(104.06 KB)
As it says in the title. I am pretty sure all costumes are unlocked. If not, then most.

If installing this save file to your Wii does not work, use a "save game installer" or something.


Link-zero - 16-February-2009 8:50 am
Next time put the Gamecode for the saves that are unlisted thx.

xshinox - 16-February-2009 7:57 pm
ahh forgot about that. its kuz this game isnt listed so i forgot.

canniengui - 14-April-2010 10:22 am
You sure this save contains everything? Have a look at the complete unlockable list: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/file/941763/56392

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